Car dealerships are also referred to as local vehicle distribution. Car dealership is a company that sells new or used cars at the retail level, depending on a dealership contract with the manufacturer. Car dealerships may also provide vehicle maintenance services or sell vehicle spare parts. Traditionally, cars were sold directly by manufacturers to clients, or through mail order, department supplies, and traveling representatives.

When buying a car, there are two major alternatives that you can use. You can either buy from a dealer or a private seller. Although buying cars from private sellers seems much easier, buying from a car dealer has more advantages. Explore more at

You might prefer buying a car from a dealer instead of a private seller because car dealers normally offer extra options for your vehicle. These extra options are not only dealer-installed accessories like aftermarket wheels or an upgraded sound system. Some of the options offered by car dealer companies are an extended warranty to cover your car even after the company warranty expires, removal of the curb rash from the wheels and other promotions like free tire rotations.

The other advantage of buying from dealers is because having a good reputation is important for them. Most car dealers strive to deliver outstanding customer service. This means that you seek assistance from a car dealership in case you experience some problems while operating the car you bought from them. On the other hand, a private seller will not give you any assistance once they sell the car to you. Click here for more.

One major advantage of buying a car from car dealership companies is their financing benefits. For instance, car dealers will inform you about their financing options but private sellers won't. This means that, with private sellers, you'll have to secure your financing, and if you are experiencing some challenges you will have purchased from a car dealer.

Also, many lending institutions won't finance a car if it's owned by a private seller. This is because most lending institutions don't usually trust private sellers in their vehicle value assessment. Therefore, acquiring a loan for a privately owned vehicle can be more difficult, and in some circumstances, it can even be higher.

Buying a car from an unknown person is very risky especially if you are buying a used car. Buying from a dealer reduces the risks that are associated with buying a used vehicle. Car dealers have greater access to technical and mechanical expertise than private sellers. For instance, most cars will undergo an inspection to correct any technical faults. More info at